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Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors Living Alone

Falls are the number one cause of accidents in the elderly. While it is common, there are ways to avoid it.

As a provider of home health care, we are experts when it comes to making sure seniors are safe. Below are some strategies that will help you reduce your risk of falls at home:

  • Use safety devices.
    Install grab poles, grab bars, and handrails in hallways and bathrooms for support. You can also use walkers or canes to help you maintain your balance.
  • Stay physically active.
    Moderate exercise of at least 30 minutes a day can help you improve your strength, balance, and coordination. Consult your doctor or therapist about exercises you can do.
  • Ensure proper lighting.
    You have to make sure that you can see clearly ,so there should be enough lighting in all areas of the home. Get your eyesight checked if you think the grade on your glasses is not enough.
  • Consider hiring a companion.
    You might enjoy living alone, but a companion can improve your quality of life. A caregiver is someone who can accompany you to your appointments, help maintain your home, and assist you in accomplishing your daily tasks. They can also make sure you are safe while respecting your independence.

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