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CareBuilders At Home is dedicated to lifting the burdens brought by advanced age, illness, injury, surgery, disability, or changing life circumstances. As a home care provider in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and surrounding counties, we offer services that are designed to maximize independence, reduce difficulties, and improve comfort, wellness, and security.

Personal Care Services
We provide assistance with activities of daily living. Our caregivers can provide hands-on help for a loved one dealing with illness, injury, recovery from an operation, or many conditions related to advanced aging.

Mobility Assistance
If their physical or mental condition prevents them from moving around easily and safely, your loved one can get help from our caregivers. They assist with transferring, walking, and doing range-of-motion exercises to improve your loved one’s mood, relieve stress, and maintain their strength.
Medication Compliance
To ensure the good health of your elderly loved one, our caregivers take special care to help them comply with their doctor’s orders. We help them find the medicine they need and take them at the prescribed time and dose.
Hygiene Assistance
Personal hygiene is important for your loved one’s health and self-esteem. Count on our caregivers to help them with bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing, and more so that they may look and feel their best every day.

Companion and Homemaker Services
Certain activities are simply hard for your loved one to do alone due to their condition. Let our compassionate caregivers lend helping hands.

Help with Shopping
If your loved one enjoys going out for shopping or needs help with buying groceries, household items, and the like, our caregivers can lend a hand.
Hobbies & Crafts
These activities allow your loved one to exercise their physical and mental faculties in a fun way. Our caregivers will gladly accompany them for games, crafts, puzzles, and other things they enjoy.
Light Housekeeping
Is keeping your house in order hard for your loved one? Our caregivers can handle light household duties. This helps keep their surroundings conducive to your loved one’s health and happiness.
Mental Stimulation
Helping your loved one stay mentally alert is part of our priorities. Our caregivers can provide them with ample mental stimulation to keep their minds alert. This includes brain teasers, puzzles, and even daily conversation.
Pet & Plant Care
Does your loved one have a pet or keep houseplants? They can count on our caregivers to help them look after their animal companions or favorite plants.
Preparing Meals
Nutrition will always be necessary for good health. Our caregivers can prepare healthy and delicious meals for your loved one to eat. They always consider your loved one’s needs, preferences, and diet restrictions.
Sometimes, your loved one may have to attend their appointments or go out for other reasons. If they find it hard to go on public transport or drive on their own, our caregivers will gladly assist them.

Specialized Services
We also offer a variety of services to extend your opportunities to receive care.

In-Home Technology
Thanks to our trusted partnerships and expertise in home care, we make convenient, hassle-free, and independent living possible for your loved one. We offer in-home technology to alleviate most problems with staying at home to receive care.
Assisted Living Placement
Does your loved one prefer staying in an assisted living facility? Taking the next step can be daunting. Fortunately, our experts can help. Our care team can discuss your loved one’s options and guide in making decisions and preparations.
Case Management
With All-in-One Assistance, our trained care staff can relieve most of the demands of in-home care. We assist you in managing your health care and daily living needs. You can also find resources from us to help you access helpful services in the comfort of your home.
Support for New Moms
Motherhood is an incredible part of life. If you have trouble balancing your care for your firstborn with other duties at home, work, or life in general, we can help. Our caregivers provide support with looking after your bundle of joy.

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