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Together With Your Companion

CareBuilders At Home enables our elderly loved ones to age in place at home. As your Home care Provider in Philadelphia and surrounding counties, our services are designed to create solutions for dignity and independence.

Our Caregivers in Pennsylvania deliver this belief. Our companion and homemaker services offer a wide variety of services and support your loved one can be delighted to have.

Having another person to create more memories or pass some time can be worthwhile in these times. Apart from providing Personal Assistance to activities of daily living, there are activities the companion can do with the patient.

Enjoying fun activities may be difficult for someone with a medical condition or limited mobility. However, there are engaging activities without the need for excessive movement. The companion can read the senior’s well-loved book. You can also browse through family photos and pictures.

To keep the brain sharp, there are board games such as chess or scrabble to be played. Card games are another avenue for fun.

More than entertainment, doing crafts can be another worthwhile way to spend time. Starting a garden or creating knitted garments provides a sense of accomplishment once done.

A companion does not just enable these activities to happen. A companion adds engagement to these tasks. Call our caregiver to know more!

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